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Paraparaumu Car Hire

Whether you spend lazy summer days relaxing on the beach, or take invigorating strolls in winter; you'll
enjoy visiting Paraparaumu Beach.

Situated on the Kapiti Coast, Paraparaumu Beach is less than 5 minutes drive from Coastlands Shopping town on State Highway One at Head west along Kapiti Road, past Rent Me Rentals, and you'll arrive a big metal artwork of a Tui (the bird not the beer), signaling the entrance to Paraparaumu Beach Shops. Marine Parade extends along the foreshore of Paraparaumu Beach in a fabulous natural beach promenade lined with some excellent cafés.

MacLean Park is located on the seaward side of Marine Parade at Paraparaumu Beach. MacLean Park has a children's playground, a skate board bowl and plenty of seating ideal for family picnics, or eating fish & chips from the nearby shops.

Just 5km off Paraparaumu Beach is the 10km long Kapiti Island which is a protected nature reserve and home to many endangered native birds including the Little Spotted Kiwi. To safeguard the reserve, only fifty people per day may visit Kapiti Island and travel must be with one of the licensed commercial operators. Boats to Kapiti Island launch from Paraparaumu Beach by high wheeled tractors.

Historically, Kapiti Island was the stronghold of the famous Maori Chief, Te Rauparaha between 1830's - 60's. At one stage commercial whalers used Kapiti Island to launch their 'long boats' to chase the whales and process the whale meat in large 'blubber pots' (some of which still remain on Kapiti Island).

Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club is just a few minutes walk from Paraparaumu Beach Shops and enjoys a long held reputation as the premier links course in New Zealand. Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club has hosted the New Zealand Golf Open championship on twelve occasions including 2002 when Tiger Woods played.

The Kapiti Coast is renowned for its excellent fishing and Paraparaumu Beach (in front of the Kapiti Boating Club) is a popular place for boat launching. Paraparaumu Beach Golf challenging courses in New Zealand with its uneven fairways, thick rough and lightening fast greens. Paraparaumu Beach shops and cafés are located just 30 seconds from the beach. Paraparaumu Beach is famous for its excellent fish & award winning MacLean Street Fish Supply. MacLean Park is a perfect location for eating fish & chips. Bookings are essential for a trip to Kapiti Island. Boats are launched by high wheeled tractors off Paraparaumu Beach.

Rent Me Rentals: Paraparaumu Car Rentals Waikanae Car Rentals Paekakariki Car Rentals Raumati Car Rentals Kapiti Car Hire Kapiti Accommodation Paraparaumu Motels Paraparaumu Car Hire Otaki Car Rentals Also rent a truck, or rent a van on the Kapiti Coast. Rent Me Rentals is located at the Kapiti Coast Airport Terminal Building, 60 Toru Road Paraparaumu Beach, You can find our counter inside the terminal building. AirChathams and SoundsAir meet and greet service off all flights.

All rental cars are regularly serviced by A Grade Automotive. MacLean Park at Paraparaumu Beach is a popular spot for families. The Kapiti Coast is known for excellent fishing. Most boats launch from Paraparaumu Beach. The Pier Apartments at Paraparaumu Beach on the Kapiti Coast.

Rent Me Rentals - Paraparaumu Car Rentals. And Excellent Fish & Chips... All Make For A Wonderful Experience At Paraparaumu Beach

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